Kind to the plant

Our head grower personally inspects every harvest for plants that exhibit the absolute finest expression of each cultivar, showcasing exceptional plant health, trichome sheen, aroma, color, flavor profile and cannabinoid content.

Pebble Punch Strain





Purple Punch x FPOG


Berry, Sweet, Spicy
Pebble Punch is a delightfully fruity hybrid created by pairing Fruity Pebbles OG and Purple Punch. This strain has a wonderfully inviting berry flavor and a sweet yet spicy aroma. Covered in a soft coating of fuzzy trichomes, Pebble Punch seems to flaunt its densely packed, long buds.


Infused Crab Cakes

Infused Crab Cakes

This fusion of butter, crab, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs spices, and mustard formulate this incredible seafood patty.